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Tips on how to shop smart with us

There is no doubt that the internet can provide a very worthwhile shopping experience. Without the high overheads of a bricks and mortar store, the average eStore costs a lot less to operate. So profit margins can be much smaller online while still being competitive. This is great news for YOU, the SHOPPER, as it also means much lower prices online compared to the large offline retailers.

In addition, online shopping does not limit you to shopping in your neighbourhood, but allows you to shop over very great distances, indeed, across the country! You no longer need to endure the high prices found in stores with no local competition in your small country town, you can now visit online stores all across Australia - and the world - from your armchair!

However, in order to shop smart on the internet, there are some things every online shopper needs to be aware of:


The Advance Dental Health Supplies website is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption provided by Comodo Security (

You must ensure that you do not give your credit card details to just anyone who asks for them on the internet. Always ensure that you are dealing with a website that receives your payments via a reputable third party like PayPal or other financial institution that is responsible for keeping your personal details secure.

Advance Dental Health Supplies guarantees your privacy by ensuring that while you create a new account with us or whenever you log in to your Account, your details are encrypted for transmission and stored securely in a database that itself is secured using the latest designs in software and hardware. All payment transactions in this site are also secured by the highest level encryption and we can assure you that your Pay Pal or credit card details are neither seen nor stored within our system. Instead, all your personal payment transactions are secured by either PayPal or SecurePay (our payment gateway provider, which is owned by Australia Post).


While the price of products available online is significantly cheaper than bricks and mortar stores, there is one overhead that you need to consider. That overhead is the postage cost of delivering that order to you.

Advance Dental Health Supplies sends most small orders via Australia Post prepaid satchels, at cost, plus a very small handling fee to cover packaging material. Even so, the cost of that postage needs to be factored into your decision making for that purchase to be worthwhile.

If a larger order is made, weighing more than 3 Kg and totalling in excess of $99, then the order will be shipped free by Courier service to anywhere in Australia. Deliveries by E-go cannot be made to PO Boxes, so a business or residential address will be requested.

However, even small orders can be of great value to you. Let us look at an example. One of our most popular products is the GC Tooth Mousse Plus, which weighs approximately 100 grams and sells for only $22 (including GST), while at your local dentist's office it could cost in excess of $28. There really would be very little benefit in buying one tube online and then paying $8.50 to ship the parcel to you in a 500 gram satchel. However to negate the cost of the postage you need to SAVE more on the product purchase than the cost of the postage.

Dentist's Office:

1 x GC Tooth Mousse Plus  $28

Advance Dental Health Supplies Online eStore:

1 x GC Tooth Mousse Plus $22
Minimal Postage                   $8.50, and even less in most Perth Suburbs  (up to 500 grams)
Total:                                    $30.50  (or unit cost of $30.50 per tube of GC Tooth Mousse Plus, which is NOT SMART.)

However, if you purchase enough product to use up all the postage potential (500 grams)

4 x GC Tooth Mousse Plus  $88.00
Postage                   $8.50, and even less in most Perth Suburbs  (up to 500 grams)
Total:                                    $96.50  (or unit cost of $24.13 per tube of GC Tooth Mousse Plus, which IS smart.)

Don't forget, Free postage kicks in at only $99 so if you purchase another tube, or something else, your delivery is FREE and your unit cost is EVEN LESS!

The above is a very simple example of how to shop online. Obviously buying more expensive products in larger quantities can see savings of even more, particularly when free delivery (order over $99) and a further 5% quantity discount is applied for large orders (over $250, after all discounts are applied).



A Quantity Discount is also available to every shopper and applies to items that are already heavily reduced or on special!

Orders totalling more than $99 get free delivery to anywhere in Australia.
Orders of more than $250 (after discounts) get a further 5% taken off at the checkout, as well as the free delivery.

So if you shop smart, and use the discounts on offer, you can save up to a further 5% off our already much reduced prices and not pay for delivery!

Best Brands. Best Prices. Always. Happy & Safe Shopping!

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